Leadership & Admin

Alan Algee

Clinical Director
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Board Certified Clinical Counseling, Board Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist, US DOT Substance Abuse Professional, Community Based DEEP Provider, Member: Employee Assistance Professional Association

Practice of counseling and psychotherapy at Dirigo Counseling Clinic since 2004 with a long history of a diverse practice in human services. Alan provides psychotherapy primarily for adults with mood, personality, and addictive disorders.

Jill Peters

Executive Administrator

Jill is a talented Practice Manager, bringing skills to the agency since its inception in 2004; she brings many years of managerial and executive experience which lends high quality in client care.

Karen Algee

Office Supervisor

Karen attends to insurance billing and regulation. She also directs the agency's database, census, research, and reporting requirements. She has worked in this field since 2002.

Jody Peters

Facility Manager/Office Assistant

Jody works as Operations Manager for the four facility sites. He coordinates their development along with initiating proposals to the Board of Directors when studies of new catchment areas calls for our expansion.

Wayne Carr

Claims Technician

Wayne has specific training in managing insurance claims and database management. He assures that claims are valid and accurate. He participates in utilization reviews, internal quality assurance audits, and statistical reports.

Robin Sandau

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor; Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician--Community; Clinical Counselor; Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Conditional

Robin serves as the supervisor for the Community Support Services at the agency. Her work in Community Integration Support reflects her talent and passion about her clients. She jumps at every opportunity to help them achieve their goals to live in the community with stability and the pathway to independence, self determination, and increased quality of life.

Cindy Sturm

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Cindy brings a long career of professional clinical practice. Her diverse background includes both outpatient and inpatient treatment of patients who warranted psychotherapy, evaluation, observation, and recommendation. She works with families, children, and adults. She comes with a long list of training and skills that she has practiced since 2000.

Charles Gardner

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Charles has a breadth of experience in providing inpatient treatment as well as outpatient where he participated in an integrated system of care within the medical model which tapped comprehensive disciplines. He is trained to provide individual, group, and couples therapy. He is particularly interested in group theory and behavioral modification models of treatment.

Raphael Socabasin

Compliance Officer / Maintenance Supervisor

Raphael comes to DCC with several years of experience as a compliance officer while serving in the Military. He also has a background in construction and uses this to keep all of our facilities in strong working order.

Lisa Southard

Admin Specialist

Lisa comes to Dirigo with 18 years experience in the medical field and the
past 10 years in the billing department at St. Joseph's Hospital. Her great skills and experience are esteemed by our practice.


Ruth Kulback

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor; Board Certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors

Adults and children; has worked for 16 years in community mental health agencies in metropolitan sectors; Ruth brings a wealth of experience and a pleasant personality to our agency.

Holly Merchant

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and DEEP Provider

Holly earned her BS degree, summa cum laude, in Mental Health and Human Services with a concentration in addiction studies. Holly has experience working with individuals suffering from the disease of addiction as well as affected others. Holly has experience in individual and group counseling. Her focus is to assist her clients with building skills that will allow them to manage daily stressors more effectively; have healthy, intimate and interdependent relationships; and to handle stressful situations without the use of substances.

Shelly Dyer

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Shelly has extensive experience working with children and adolescents with special needs in both home and outpatient settings. She has several years’ experience working with individuals in the LGBTQ population as well as those suffering from trauma and addiction. She also enjoys working with individuals who want to integrate their faith practices into their therapeutic treatment. Shelly strives to offer acceptance and hope to all populations empowering them to lead healthy, purpose driven lives. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is currently working on getting certified as a Trauma Care Specialist. “My goal is to help each individual gain hope and find purpose so he or she can enjoy each day to its fullest.”

Greg McElvaine

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician--Community; Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Conditional

Greg earned his bachelors degree in psychology at UMF. He has worked in the field for three years and is now pursuing a masters in clinical mental health counseling. Greg says, "I love working in social services because it can give a listening ear to those who feel like no one is listening".

Charles Gardner

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Charles has a breadth of experience in providing inpatient treatment as well as outpatient where he participated in an integrated system of care within the medical model which tapped comprehensive disciplines. He is trained to provide individual, group, and couples therapy. He is particularly interested in group theory and behavioral modification models of treatment.

Margaret (Megann) Holland

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Conditional

Megann formerly had a private practice in Blue Hill, Maine, and now joins us as the agency expands services in Ellsworth and Hancock County. She adheres to Emotion Focus Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

Katherine Monahan

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Katherine comes to us as a therapist for the Department of Corrections with
specialties in trauma treatment, depression anxiety and personality
disorders. She uses a theoretical base of solution-focused, existential and
cognitive-behavioral orientations. "I have the basic belief that all people
can change if they have skills and develop confidence that they can master
their own destiny".

Greta Garvey

Licensed Master Social Worker, Conditional Clinical

Greta has a background in working with homeless youth, crisis services, domestic violence, and residential treatment. She feels enthused to work with our clientele in a traditional outpatient treatment program here at our agency.

Shannon Pettit

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Starting in the field in 2003 as a Direct Care Professional, Shannon worked at a residential treatment facility for dually diagnosed adolescents. Becoming very interested in both mental health and substance dependence, she went on to further her education at the University of Maine, Orono, gaining her Master’s in Social Work in 2007, and later her Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC). She has worked with a diverse population after graduating, including adolescents, adults, and families, allowing for growth of a diverse skill set.

Amanda Fogarty

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Starting in the field with work at The Acadia Hospital, Amanda practiced in an inpatient setting. She then practiced in residential, school based, private practice, and in outpatient settings. Amanda especially enjoys working with adolescents, and young adults, but also has experience working with children, adults, and families. She relies on Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Dialectical Behavior Theory, and the Solution Focused approach. She enjoys incorporating art, music and writing into the therapy session, as desired by the client.

Community Support

Jonathan Sandau

Certifed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician

Jonathan brings to Dirigo his experience in social services which spans better than a decade. He has a strong confidence in the resilience of people and believes that a major component of therapy is in the relationship the clinician forms with clients.

David Read

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician

Dave has a long
career in supervision and leadership of mental health treatment teams. We treasure his experience and proven dedication to both the field and to the
clients that he so enthusiastically serves.

Abbie Wickett

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician

Abbie has more
than 15 years experience working in health care and social service systems. Her diverse background includes working with special populations
including children, elderly, disabled, veterans, substance use disorders,
mental health, homelessness, multi-ethnic, and varying socio-economic levels. Her experience and talents make her a exceptionally skilled Provider.

Kathy Gibbons

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician

Kathy has a long career in the mental health field and in Community Support Services. As many clients transition to a new model of service delivery, the *Behavioral Health Home*, Kathy is learning this system and developing expertise with its advantages.

Chelsea Blevin

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician --Community

Chelsea is a recent graduate of Husson University, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with an MHRT-C certification. A former U.S. Army medic, Chelsea is no stranger to helping others, and looks forward to assisting those in the community to reach their full potential. She is now pursuing her master’s degree in social work, and a CADC, in order to better serve the community in her field.

Susan Closson

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician --Community

Susan Closson, earned her BS degree in Mental Health and Counseling. I have worked 30 plus years with special populations such as children with special needs, substance abuse programs, elder care, in home support, and residential treatment centers for teens, and women in recovery. I believe strongly that individuals have the right to live life to their fullest potential. I look forward to continue in helping them achieve that goal.

Nathan Searles

Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician--Community

Nathan has 5 years experience in the mental health field, including Case Management and Foster Home Developer and Residential Support. He is an army veteran with 4 years military experience as an Infantry Soldier. He has a passion for helping others as a hardworking and compassionate person. "I strive to help others make positive changes in their life".

Shannon Charette


Shannon has an 11-year background working with at-risk and homeless youth, medication assisted treatment/therapy,
substance use disorders, residential services and women survivors of human trafficking. Shannon currently holds the CADC and MHRT/C as well as a DEEP Provider. She is currently working towards her LCPCc at Husson University’s Graduate Program for Clinical Mental Health and Counseling (CMHC). Shannon’s experience and talent make her an exceptionally skilled provider and counselor. We feel very fortunate to have Shannon as part of our team.

Peer Support Specialist

This is an individual who receives training to support clients who are served in the Behavioral Health Home. They run peer support groups and are otherwise available to assist with the overall care of clients as a peer rather than as a professional


John Patten, D.O.

Medical Director

Dr. Patten passionately shares the vision that is carried in the Mission Statement. He is an esteemed professional in the medical community and cares deeply about issues such as quality of patient care, the model of "recovery oriented" treatment, and patient empowerment. He provides Dirigo Counseling Clinic with consultation, policy formation, and strategic planning.

Mary E. Jude, PhD, MPH, MSN, FNP-C, PA

Medical Consultant

Dr. Jude has a long and diverse career as a Primary Care Provider and providing medical treatment. Mary seeks to follow her dual passions in public health and social justice in a mission-driven organization that puts people first, considers healthcare a basic human right and tirelessly pursues solutions to health disparities that are the result of social determinants of health. We feel very fortunate to have this highly trained and experienced professional to be a part of our team.