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Driver Evaluation & Educational Providers (For OUI)

Maine Driver Evaluation & Educational Providers

The Office approves Dirigo Counseling Clinic of Substance Use to provide assessment and treatment for clients who have been arrested for an Operating While Under the Influence. Getting an OUI can be very stressful.

In Maine, anyone arrested for an OUI has to face two branches of power, the judicial system, and the administrative system. You must address the demands of each of these. As for the administrative system (the Secretary of State), you cannot bypass the DEEP program, even if the judicial system dismisses your case.

Options to consider as you go through the DEEP process:

  1. You can sign up for the 3-day Risk Reduction Program, an educational and screening program lasting 24 hours spread over Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. After this program, you may either:
    1. Have your license returned to you with no further “hoops.”
    2. Be referred to a certified evaluator in the community for further assessment (such an evaluation is no less than two and no more than four sessions)
  2. You can admit you have a treatable problem with alcohol or drugs. Then, proceed straight to treatment, bypassing the Risk Reduction Program. To qualify, you must sign a statement that attests:
    1. An acknowledgment of the extent of the problem
    2. Agreement to be abstinent substances of use during treatment
    3. Agree to an aftercare plan following the treatment

Download the DEEP Services Brochure here.

At Dirigo Counseling Clinic, we understand this process is not the most pleasant. We understand you want to take care of things quickly without embarrassment. We have staff members who are sensitive to your situation and care about your wellbeing. We have various appointment times and fees that are fair and comparable.

We have your best interests at heart. At the same time, we will not compromise the high standards set for us by your Legislature and the policies and procedure they set for us. We do this work because we enjoy it, not because it is our job or because the state pays us.

We offer affordable treatment when needed. We have a caring staff who will personally answer your call and not refer you to voicemail. If you have questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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