Community Support Services are available to qualified clients who require specialized support in mastering resources in the community that lead to independence.

The most recent and growing form of service delivery is the “Behavioral Health Home”. The term can be confusing because it sounds like it might be a group home or some place where people live. However, in this context, the Behavioral Health Home is charged to provide some centralization of physical and mental health services.

The trend in the United States is to move away from fragmentation of medical care and to have more integrated care. Providers need to talk to each other more and share their findings, ideas, concerns, conclusions, and options. By working together, patients are much more likely to get better and need less care while living longer. Such an approach also proves to be cheaper and recovery is likely to be speedier.

In the Behavioral Health Home, a Plan of Care is proposed which picks up all concerns of physical and mental health. They are carefully tracked with on-going weekly contacts with patients. All needs are addressed in the POC including housing, financial goals, employment, socialization, medical needs, mental health needs, and all other matters that are important to being a whole person who can live and thrive in the community.

The constellation of services offered by the Behavioral Health Home is impressively broad. The Plan of Care, however, is unique to each patient. You have a loud say in what you want in the POC and no service is delivered without your informed consent.

The Behavioral Health Home operates in Bangor and Ellsworth. Please click the link on this tab to learn more.