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Personalized Help For Recovery

Dirigo Counseling Clinic features an adult services program designed for adults who need an assessment or treatment for alcohol or drug use. Every person is unique and comes with a different set of needs.

Adult Services Expectations

First Visit

  • An understanding of what brings you to adult services
  • An orientation from about your relevant history
  • Forms for your review that might be required by law or insurance
  • Your approval of the counselor as a “good fit for me”
  • Questions and answers (both to/from you and the counselor)
  • Planning the “next step” together

Second Visit & Beyond

  • Clarifying goals and problem solving
  • Engaging in “solution talk” and identifying options
  • Forming a “Recovery Plan”
  • Identifying markers of success

Follow-up Sessions

  • Action plans to recovery
  • Possible collaboration with other providers such as PCP, if warranted
  • Family therapy, if warranted
  • Accountability for sustaining recovery process

Provider Endorsements

Offering a diverse set of mental health, assessment, and support services.

Our services are available in-person or via telehealth with a tablet,
computer, or smartphone. Make an appointment today.