We can offer free or reduced Substance Abuse Treatment through a special grant. Call for details.

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Dirigo Counseling Clinic was established to provide sensitive, friendly, warm, respectful and positive counseling interventions to individuals, families and groups throughout Maine.

Substance Abuse Counseling

A program designed specifically for adolescents and adults who need an assessment or treatment for abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, Dirigo Counseling Clinic, LLC, is licensed to provide issue the J.A.S.A.E (The Juvenile Automated Substance Abuse Evaluation) by ADE, Inc.

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Dirigo Counseling Clinic addresses individual and family needs with a wide spectrum of approaches including individual, family and couples counseling and support groups. We help people cope with life challenges, traumatic life changes, mental illness, and behavioral disorders.

National Board for Certified Counselors