We participate in HealthInfoNet, Maine’s statewide health information exchange.

HealthInfoNet combines information from separate health care sites to create a single electronic patient health record. This allows approved health care providers to quickly access the information they need to make better decisions about their patients’ care, especially in an emergency.

HealthInfoNet is a Maine-based nonprofit. Only medical professionals involved in your care have access to your record in HealthInfoNet.

To learn more please visit HealthInfoNet’s website at

If you prefer not to have your information available to your healthcare providers using the health information exchange, you may opt-out online or by filling out this form and mailing it to HealthInfoNet.

Some information related to mental health and HIV/AIDS treatment is only available in HealthInfoNet if you give permission or are in a medical emergency. Click here to read more about how you can give permission for some or all of your health care providers to see this information.

Tobacco Cessation Help

Creating tobacco-free policies and supporting individuals to address their tobacco use supports health and wellness at your organization. More information will be available during the webinar. The resources listed below can help you meet and address these issues.

  • Tobacco-Free Policy and Treatment Resources
    Examples of Best PracticeQuit lines are a best practice intervention because they are low cost, accessible with a broad reach, confidential, reduce barriers and most importantly have proven effective at increasing quit rates. Specifically the Maine Tobacco Helpline (1-800-207-1230) provides telephonic counseling to any Maine resident who has access to a landline or cell phone.

    The Community Preventive Services Task Force also lists evidence-based interventions for tobacco at The Community Guide.

  • 100 PIONEERS FOR SMOKING CESSATION: In 2009, SAMHSA and the Smoking Cessation Leadership Counsel began an evolving partnership to promote tobacco cessation in patients with mental illness and substance abuse disorders. More Information can be found at:

Local Resources

  • Breathe Easy CoalitionThe Breathe Easy Coalition seeks to decrease exposure to secondhand smoke through voluntary tobacco-free policy adoption. Currently, the Coalition provides various resources and technical assistance to promote tobacco-free environments in colleges, hospitals, behavioral health facilities and multi-unit housing throughout the state of Maine.
  • Partnership for a Tobacco-Free MaineThe Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine (PTM) is the Maine State tobacco prevention and control program. Its mission is to reduce death and disability from tobacco use among Maine citizens by creating an environment supportive of a tobacco-free life.
  • Center for Tobacco IndependenceThe Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI) brings together a team of highly qualified individuals who focus on linking tobacco users to the most effective methods to quit. The Center provides direct treatment services, offers consultation for health systems and employers, conducts research, and educates health professionals about tobacco dependence and treatment.
  • The Maine Tobacco HelpLine – 1-800-207-1230The Maine Tobacco HelpLine answers your questions and offers friendly support to those who are thinking about quitting or who are ready to quit smoking, or those who want to help a friend or family member quit.
  • Healthy Maine PartnershipsThe 27 Healthy Maine Partnerships throughout Maine are organizations dedicated to promoting health throughout Maine. Contact your local Healthy Maine Partnership to speak with a Tobacco Coordinator in your area.
  • Project IntegrateProject Integrate identifies and addresses the barriers to effective tobacco treatment for people with Behavioral Health diagnoses, including substance abuse diagnoses. Project Integrate aims to increase the capacity of providers to encourage and advocate for state level policy changes to support tobacco-free living for all Mainers.

Co-Occurring Disorders

  • The mission of is to provide research-based, expert-written content from experienced professionals. This page on DualDiagnosis, written by Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Dennis Daley, has received many thousands of visits since the recent tragic death of Robin Williams, an event which has brought the relationship between addiction and depression into popular discourse. This moment has encouraged us to take a more proactive role in raising awareness of co-occuring disorders.

Vital Consumer Links

  • Board of Counseling Professionals LicensureThe Board of Counseling Professionals Licensure was created to ensure that the public is protected by a common code of standards and ethics among those who represent themselves as professional counselors qualified to assess and treat interpersonal and other dysfunctional behaviors, and to assist in the overall development and adjustment of those they serve.

    The primary responsibility of the Board is indedxto examine and license qualified applicants to practice as professional counselors, clinical professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, pastoral counselors and registered counselors in Maine.

  • The American Counseling AssociationThe American Counseling Association is a not-for-profit, professional and educational organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession. Founded in 1952, ACA is the world’s largest association exclusively representing professional counselors in various practice settings.

Affiliations & Organizations

Community Links

  • The Maine Warm Line, a toll-free mental health, peer-to-peer, non-crisis phone support service to adults in Maine.
  • The Gear Parent Networkis a statewide, parent-run organization providing opportunities for parents of children with emotional and behavioral health needs to support each other.
  • Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine, offering a wide range of information and resources related to smoking cessation and other tobacco related issues.
  • Maine websites for Alcoholics Anonymousand Narcotics Anonymous, which are self-help groups for people who would like to stop drinking or taking drugs.
  • The Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assaultis a group that hopes to put an end to sexual violence in Maine, and have ongoing support and services for victims and survivors of sexual violence.
  • Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, a statewide organization whose goal is to end domestic violence in Maine.
  • Advocacy Initiative Network (the Network)is a statewide organization developed by, for, and with adult consumers of mental health services throughout Maine. Information, resources, activities and news.
  • Consumer Council System of Maine. Statewide and regional consumer council system developed to advise the Department of Health and Human Services and others about public policy and all issues important to consumers in Maine.
  • The Disability Rights Center of Maineis a statewide advocacy agency for people with disabilities.
  • Maine Parent Federation, a statewide private non-profit organization that provides information, advocacy, education, and training to parents and professionals to benefit all children.
  • 211 Maine, A phone and website based health and human services information and referral service system for the entire State of Maine.
  • Mental Health America(formerly known as the National Mental Health Association) is the country’s leading nonprofit dedicated to helping ALL people live mentally healthier lives.
  • Maine Health Forumwebsite shares healthcare information and resources for those interested in better health for themselves and for all of Maine.
  • Maine branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Information, resources and support groups for consumers and family members.
  • Website of Mary Ellen Copeland, a leading consumer author and trainer on mental health recovery and wellness.
  • DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance).The clubhouse is an online place for those seeking inspiration and support for living a full, healthy and happy life.
  • I-Care Pharmacyis a Maine owned and operated company in Fort Fairfield, Aroostook County, Maine. They offer the convenience of mailing your MaineCare prescriptions to your home.
  • Social Security Administrationwebsite about benefits.
  • The Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)is an agency of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This particular link goes directly to the consumer/survivor page where other resources can be found.
  • State of Mainewebsite to access all programs of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
  • Schaller Andersonis the company that provides case management services for MaineCare members that have complex medical and behavioral health care needs.