Dirigo Counseling Clinic features a program designed for adults who need an assessment or treatment for abuse of alcohol and/or drugs.

Every person is unique and comes with a different set of needs; some expectations however are . . .

First Visit

  • An understanding of what brings you to counseling
  • An orientation from about your relevent history
  • Forms for your review that might be required by law or insurance
  • Your approval of the counselor as a “good fit for me”
  • Questions and answers (both to/from you & counselor)
  • Planning the “next step” together

Second Visit and Beyond

  • Clarifying goals and problem solving
  • Engagingin “solution talk” and identifying options
  • Forming a “Recovery Plan”
  • Identifyng markers of success

Follow up sessions

  • Action plans to recovery
  • Possible collaboration with other providers such as PCP, if warranted
  • Family therapy, if warranted.
  • Accountability for sustaining recovery process