Mental Health Hygiene

Hygiene keeps us feeling good about ourselves. Daily personal care routines are pretty standard in our culture. But now there’s a lot of talk about “Mental Health Hygiene”. There’s an argument to going underneath the scalp instead of hygiene to the scalp alone. What are we talking about here? First, physical movement (deliberate and recorded) in the course of a day arouses important neurotransmitters in the brain. Loading up the five sense with all the calming input you can: sunlight, music, Netflix, tasties with calorie control, hobbies and sometimes therapy—these all go to your Mental Health Hygiene. Like physical hygiene, you will feel better about yourself, more presentable, confident, social, and healthier. With good mental health hygiene, you will sleep better, work smarter, live longer, and love better. But neglect your mental health hygiene, and you might feel prickly, out-of-place, and prefer to hide. Both physical and mental daily hygiene do not take much for time, but make us feel so much different.