Restoring Workplace Health and Productivity

DIRIGO COUNSELING CLINIC offers an employee assistance program focused on high levels of service to our client organizations, helping restore and maintain workplace health and productivity.

With a clear commitment to clinical expertise and program excellence, we can provide for:

  • Comprehensive, flexible and effective EAP programs that deliver value to the organization as well as to employees and their families
  • Quick and easy access to highly qualified, licensed, and experienced clinicians with expertise in marriage and family counseling, substance abuse and crisis support
  • Personalized consultations, resources and referrals for employees struggling to balance the demands of work and family
  • Human Resources support for workplace crisis, behavioral expertise, trainings and organizational change

Free, Confidential, Easy to Use

Your company-sponsored employee assistance program is one of the best benefits you and your family can have. If your company has selected Dirigo Counseling Clinic, you can expect a quick, caring and confidential response to your needs, at no cost to you or your family. Our Providers are sensitive and provide assistance to employees and their families for everyday life problems.

Sooner or later, we are all overwhelmed by the complexity of our lives. Balancing work and family demands can take an extraordinary toll on our overall sense of health and well being. Fortunately, help is available for a wide range of problems and issues.