Experience of an Intern

I have had the privilege to be an intern at Dirigo Counseling Clinic since September. The experience has been both invigorating and challenging. As a burgeoning professional, there are many challenges that pop up. Everything is new and sometimes as a young intern it can be overwhelming to think about all the things that you…

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Quality Assurance Results

Dirigo Counseling Clinic just completed a season of inspections, audits, surveys, and reviews from both State and Federal authorities. We are very pleased to announce that the days of these authorities spent pouring over our clinical and administrative records resulted in the highest ratings that are available. No corrections were asked of us and all…

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Employee Assistance Program

Many employers now offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP). A growing number of providers have special training in evaluating and treating employees with brief therapeutic interventions. They are known as Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP®). This certification is “The world’s only professional credential denoting expertise in the EAP body of knowledge and behavioral health in the…

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Therapy Pet Versus Service Animal

We are asked all the time, “can you help me get a therapy pet?”. In most cases, we counselors are pet enthusiasts and encourage clients to have a pet. These companions make us laugh, give us comfort, teach us lessons, and even slow heart rate and lowers anxiety. The most common scenario in which we…

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Grant Funded Substance Abuse Treatment

Dirigo Counseling Clinic has received a grant that will expire in June. With this funding from the State of Maine, we are able to provide substance abuse treatment for those who are un-insured and have no other means to pay. This is intended to encourage the treatment and recovery process that is not otherwise covered.